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Pilates & Personal Training

Personal Training & Pilates


Pilates by definition is a system of repetitive exercises perform on a mat to promote strength, stability and flexibility.

Pilates method improves the posture of the body and the balance activating the muscles of the ‘’powerhouse’’ which include the glutes, hips and pelvic floor.

Pilates requires that you are not only physically present, but mentally present as well. The controlled breathing technique of Pilates ensures that you are coordinating your breath with every movement. The exercises also require that you concentrate on your body and where it is in space to ensure proper form. This mental fitness reduces stress, increases happiness, and will enhance your focus every day.

Duration: 50 minutes

Group number: 1-5 people


Personal Training

Personal training is a method will ensure that you have an individualized plan that will give you the best results with small equipment like dumbbells, kettlbells, fitball, TRX or your body weight.

You can do different workouts to improve your fitness goal and your mentally health as well.

Duration: 50 minutes

Group number: 1-5 people

Personal training & pilates